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S-meter with a range of 120 dB. Reliability of indications of S-meters in KV range - old and, it seems, - an eternal subject. Who wants to have, nevertheless, S-meter which would show actual levels, since 1... 2 points, that has to use to his work the separate receiver with own characteristic. The similar S-meter with the intensifying scheme with a range from - 110 dBm (0,01 пВт) up to +10 dBm (10 MW) can be executed on only two IMS...
Output KV 5, 10, 15 and 25 KW cascades. Rather popular design on two connected in parallel, modern ceramic-metal tetrodes of GU-78B, is constructed according to the scheme with the general cathode and provides the output power of 5-6 KW., at a tension on the anode 3 Quarter and current 3-4 A. The cascade works for all KV ranges with uniform return and high stability. For excitement of the cascade of rather small power. For food of an anode chain it is enough two connected in parallel the transformer from R-140 with small completion. Alexander Rogov (RZ3AH).
The preselector on strip filters. Production of this preselector demands certain technical skills and if you have decided on it, I hope, my modest experiment on performance of concrete products in addition to yours and the available information in technical literature and the Internet will help to make a right choice. V. Zhurbenko (US4EQ).
Synthesizer on ADF4360-7 in the range of 23 cm. Article is intended for those who were engaged in designing in the range of 23 cm and doesn't know what to begin with. In a radio amateur workshop the generator which is quickly reconstructed on frequency won't prevent. For example, for control of entrance chains of the converter, radio station, or as the indicator. ADF4360-7: The integrated synthesizer with integer coefficient of division and GUN with a range of the output frequencies of 350 - 1800 MHz. Sergey (RX6AQD).

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  SDR TRX "Malamut"
  Coils for PCh contours 9 MHz
  The transistor with rated coefficient of noise.....
  the Chinese amp from ALIEXPRESS
  KENWOOD TS-2000 transceiver
  SDR the transceiver on the basis of Red Pitaya
  Theoretical questions on AFU
  Why to us this QTH?
  PA on GU-74B
  TS-940 SAT was gone illumination of the LCD display
  station of reference frequency
  There will be photos - good and разные#2
  Transition of 50-75 Ohms, decibels and tension
  SunSDR2 transceiver, subject No. 4
  Selection of mosfet for the vykh. MIND cascade
  FLEX 6000
  GPD KV transceiver
  Emitter repeater
  Decrease in inductance on ferrite magnetopro-....
  Printed circuit boards. (Photoresist)

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[18/08] Meeting р / fans of the South of Russia Maykop 2017. We gather!!!
Here also one more year has flown by. But as all have missed! We are going to Maykop, on August 18-19-20, 2017. The big base for "flea market", a set of competitions, awards, prizes, cooling nap...
[21/07] A25JK Botswana
Arnold, WB6OJB will be active from Botswana on July 21 - 27, 2017 signal A25JK....
[21/07] A tourist meeting of radio fans on the Belovsky reservoir
July 28-30, 2017. On the picturesque coast of the Belovsky reservoir, the annual tourist meeting of radio fans will take place. Come friends! At you a fine opportunity it will be good to have a rest also on...
[20/07] 5W0RR of Samoa
Roly, ZL1BQD will be again active from Samoa on July 26 - on August 15, 2017 a call sign 5W0RR....

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Radio amateur articles

[08/06] We will start talking in English?. (2)
On the friendly website discuss that to do with those who don't work with telegraph and the first category has. Sometimes this discussion has such forms that there is a wish to shout: "Hospital attendants! In chamber number 6! AA...
[15/05] We will start talking in English?.
We will start talking in English? … The problem of development of a foreign language (even if this language it is necessary absolutely slightly moreover special) is many-sided. But everything comes to an end with one: if it is very necessary if prisp...
[15/03] Magnetic antenna "Hermes Loop"
S.A. (ex.UA9LBG) drying     Many Russian radio fans are interested in a magnetic framework capable to work in the wide range of mild waves. The antenna complex "Hermes Loop" seeming about...

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Nikolay RZ0OH


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Feeling nostalgic круглошкалик
– The garbage, perhaps to take out in this house nobody? – on a habit I probukhtet, nevertheless, covering with a jacket. I have already entered boots. Really, there is nobody, except me. The daughter is busy with cooking something tasty, the son-in-law hasn't arrived from work yet, the granddaughter, without having been in time пр... Further>>

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