Friday, May 4, 2018

What Makes You Smile? Are You Happy in Your Chosen Work?

What makes you smile? This article was born this morning as I drove down a usually busy road which today was virtually void of cars. The sun was shining the trees were fresh after yesterday's downpour. All felt great with my world.

 I have that everything is great kind of smile on my face. Yes I could be worrying about the rest of the world - Ebola, wars, earthquakes, but sometimes you have to live for the moment, and enjoy the what you have; I can't alter the world catastrophes. 

There is a saying which in essence says: change what you can, and learn to accept what you can't. Things that generally make me smile; little children playing happily and the funny things they say. Beauty in nature like sunsets, (I'm not usually up for sunrise, but I'm sure that would give me a contented smile too. 

Waves on hot sand, oh there are too many to mention, but it does us good to spend a moment dwelling on them. Now for work related things that make me smile, I love the peace of working at home, or on a riverbank, or on the beach writing short articles for my business. 

It is the freedom and autonomy of being my own boss, so that I can choose to work when and where I like, fitting in computer work and other tasks when it suits me. Yes of course there is work involved if you want to pay the bills, but doing what you love doesn't feel like hard-work. What makes you smile? Are you happy in your chosen work? 

Do you love sport, maybe swim in your spare time to unwind, or go to the gym? Or do you spend time picnicking and taking long walks with your family? Let go of stress and enjoy the simple things in life, you will feel much more like smiling. Start now and build a hobby business that can provide you with an early retirement.

 I was amazed to find 375,000,000 people have typed into Google: I want to work at home on my computer. What an unbelievable number, what a lot of people not happy with what they are doing. Is it the long days and hours of commuting, the lack of suitable jobs, frustration with work colleagues or bosses, or the general rush and hurry of today's lifestyle? 

I wonder if the number is mostly made up of Mum's, trying to work around family ties or men feeling overstretched, or retirees subsidizing pensions. If you are one of those people wanting to work at home on your computer, consider starting now as a hobby business, there are hundreds of things you can do if you take the plunge! If you need to improve your work-life at the moment here is a book you may like to read to improve your job satisfaction, I found it a great book with simple ideas that work. 

"Thank God it's Monday" by Charles Cameron and Suzanne Elusorr. It will make even a boring job feel better. Or "Do it" A guide to living your dreams by John-Rodger and Peter Mc Williams. Start Googling some ideas for starting a business, or look at the loads of ideas on YouTube, there are plenty of training videos for internet marketing. 

Whatever you choose make it your choice and not what someone else wants you to do. If you cannot decide, and find it hard to make decisions: take a sheet of paper make a "for" and "against" column and fill the paper with as many thoughts as you can. Then go back and rate them with a star rating according to your gut feeling. 

Read the list later and change anything, but you should find this helps with clear thinking instead of tumbling ideas in your mind for days. Try it, it works for me. Well wishing you many smiles for the future, reduced stress, and that "Good to be Alive Feeling" 

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Phone Sex Operator Jobs

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Monday, April 9, 2018

Holding a Wake or Memorial for Your Pet

Each family marks the death of a loved one a little differently.

 Even within the same family there are likely to be considerably different opinions on how best to honor and celebrate the life of a loved one. Few memorials are quite as unique and distinctive as the ones we create for our pets. When it comes to devising ways to honor and remember our special animal friends, people are willing to go to surprising lengths.

 Holding a memorial service for a family pet that has died may sound like a strange idea to people who have never experienced this kind of loss, but this traditional observance can actually provide a great deal of comfort to a person or family who is grieving for an animal that has recently passed. 

How Can I Hold A Memorial for a Pet? Planning a pet memorial is actually not as complicated as you might imagine. Aside from a comfortable and appropriate place to gather, there is really nothing else that you absolutely need. 

You can think about including things such as: A framed photo or collection of photos depicting your pet or your entire family together Floral arrangements, nice linens, lit candles, and other attractive items of décor Several special items belonging to your pet arranged in a respectful display

 An urn or container holding your pet's cremated remains Some soft, calm music playing in the background A special poem or literary passage displayed with the other items or read out loud A few chairs can be placed around the space to give attendees somewhere to sit and talk together.

 Some memorials are well-suited to serving light snacks and beverages while other people prefer to serve food at another time. The people invited can offer comfort and companionship to the bereaved and share the memories they have of the special animal's life. 

A More Private Observance Some people prefer to grieve in private or only among their closest friends and relations. A respectful and satisfying memorial can still be held at any time you wish. 

There is no pressure to hold a memorial soon after your friend's passing. You and your family can take your time to talk about what would make a memorial observance most special to you. One option some pet owners have explored is scattering ash at a special location.

 Cremated remains can be stored securely in a container designed for that purpose or any other close fitting, durable container. In fact, you can remove a small portion for scattering while keeping the rest in a specially selected container. 

The ash that remains after a cremation procedure is not dangerous; it can be safely handled at home. Many public sites, including national parks, have guidelines regarding the disposal of cremated remains within their boundaries.

 This is why many people choose to scatter ashes at home or on private property where permission can be obtained. Observances can Help the Healing Special animals are never forgotten. 

Holding a special memorial celebration can be a special opportunity to remember the life of a very special member of the family. 
This intimate observance can bring your family closer together while honoring an important life.  

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Friday, April 6, 2018

7 Pets That Are Easy to Take Care Off

Anyone knows that pets can make your life sweeter. 

If you want a pet but don't know what kind, and you don't have time to take care of one as much as you used to there is no problem.

 We are going to talk about pets that are easy to take care of whether you are a child, a guy/girl in college or you have a job and don't have that much free time: Fish - You take one with a little bowl that does not require anything else but a bowl and a fish.

 That is a betta fish. Be careful because there can only be just one fish in the bowl, otherwise there is a big chance that they will fight till death because they are an aggressive type of fish. You can put them little special sand on the bottom with different colors and toys like plastic ocean leaves or something like that. 

Gerbils - Take two of them because gerbils like company, otherwise they will be lonely and unhappy. Make sure they were in the same cage when they were born because they need to get along. 

It's simple to take care of them because they wash themselves. You only need to feed them 2 big spoons a day and make sure they have something like cardboard so that their teeth won't grow too much and die. And you know... clean the cage every 2 weeks and make sure they have water. You can buy or make them toys. 

There are a lot of options for that. Guinea Pigs - They are like a bigger hamster. It would be better if they live in group of two or more. They make excellent fuzzy friends for you or your children. They obviously need a large cage and they usually weight around 3 pounds. Birds - Small birds are good pets for children. They require food, water and a little bit of playing with them. 

They are birds for watching more than anything. You can buy additional toys or let them out in the house with the windows closed. Tortoise - One thing is for sure: they live long. They are cool pets though. They can live by themselves - no need for more only if you want. They like cucumber and raw peas that kind of vegetables. 

Some tortoise need to hibernate so it is better that you have something like a garage or a cool/cold place for the tortoise. Snake - You can buy a small snake which makes a pretty good pet to have in you want something more different - a nonvenomous one off course. 

A small one can grow up to 5 feet. After they are comfortable with you the snake will find warmth in your hand. Pretty neat. Lizard - very easy to take care of. Even though it is not cuddly or fuzzy it is still a pretty neat pet.
 Even though some lizards seem inexpensive the equipment to take care of one is most of the times more expensive.  

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

4 Preparations To Make When Travelling With Your Pet

Isn't it fun to go on vacation with your pet? 

While it's great to do it, the unfortunate thing is that you have to prepare yourself thoroughly to ensure that everything runs perfectly. Some of the preparation that you need to do include: Motel to Stay As rule of thumb you should ensure that the motel you want to book is pet friendly. 

In addition to this you should ensure that there is enough space for your pet to exercise. To protect your pet from diseases, the motel should provide a crate for your pet. This means that your pet shouldn't live in the same place as other pets. To find the best place you need to do plenty of research. 

This calls for you to visit review sites and see what different people have to say about a given facility. If you will be visiting the motel during the holidays, it's wise that you make the reservations early in order to avoid the last minute rush. Unfamiliar Surrounding Since you will be living in a motel, the pet will notice that he isn't in his familiar surrounding which might stress him up. 

The best way of dealing with things is to put the pet in a crate. This will prevent him from scratching or chewing up the place that you are staying. Whenever you will be leaving the pet alone, always ensure that you leave him in the crate.

 You shouldn't leave him in the car as he can easily die. If your pet isn't used to being in a crate, you should train him to live in it before you depart. Runaway Pets Pets are quite unpredictable. Since you will be living in a new area, the new sounds, sights, animals and people might overwhelm the pet and provoke him to escape. 

To make it easy to locate the pet, you should make tags that contain all the vaccinations that he has taken. You should also include your contact information in the tags. For additional assurance, it's wise that you consider a pet ID registry service. Veterinary Emergency The pet might pick an infection and require emergency veterinary services. 

To be on the safe side you should ask for references of the best veterinary doctors in the area. Always ensure that you have the contact details of the doctors with you. 

Conclusion These are some of the ways that you can prepare yourself when travelling with your pet. To have a great vacation, ensure that you book the best motel in the area.  

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

What You Should Know Before Starting A Diet Plan

Getting healthy and fit is important for more than losing those few extra pounds.

For women, weight loss diet plan options seem to be everywhere. It can be difficult to choose. The truth is that many of them deprive your body of important nutrients. 

This means that you will only be left hungry, and this leads to binge eating and you quickly gain the weight back. The most important quality for a weight loss plan is that it provides balanced nutrients.
 Diets that cut out major nutrient groups such as carbs, proteins, or other groups of nutrients will soon leave you feeling weak and tired because your body is not getting what it needs to sustain itself. Exercise is an important element for women, weight loss plan developers all agree that this must be done in addition to any dietary changes. 

The only problem is that when you are dieting the wrong way, you will not have the energy to exercise. Forcing yourself only works for a short time. You have to feel energetic to keep it up. Another consideration for diets that cut out one nutrient group is that this can have significant effects on your health.

 It can change your hormone levels, affect your blood pressure, and increase stress hormones. Proper nutrition that is packed with nutrients will have the opposite effect. The most important part of any diet is that you don't put your body into starvation mode. A balanced diet plan will work with your body, supplying it with the right nutrients at the right time. 
You will get to eat a variety of foods, while kicking your body's calorie burning machine into high gear. A proper diet should contain something from every part of the food pyramid, with fruits and vegetables making up the biggest portion of the diet. There is one exception to cutting out an entire group of nutrients from your diet, sugar. 

The body uses the glucose in sugar to provide fuel and energy, but most people get way too much of it. The extra energy gets stored as fat. Healthy foods provide more than enough sugar, without going overboard. When you are tired, it is common to crave sugary foods. 

This is your body's way of telling you that it is low on fuel. You should feed it healthy foods, rather than heavily laden foods with sugar. Adopting a healthy lifestyle takes time and effort. The first thing that you should do is research. 
Find out everything your body needs and healthy choices that contain these nutrients. You must prepare for changes and be committed wholeheartedly to making them a reality. You need to develop a plan for dealing with special holidays and going out to restaurants. 

Luckily, you now have more options than ever before in these areas too. For women, weight loss plan options are now considering healthy options as the foundation of looking good and feeling better. When you feel better, you can enjoy life with enthusiasm, because you are the best that you can be.  

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Should I Leave My Unhappy Husband Before He Can Leave Me?

I sometimes hear from people who are deeply afraid that their unhappy spouse is going to leave them. 

Often, he has made comments to that effect and it has just become obvious that he is not invested in the marriage anymore. This is usually sad news to the spouse who still wants to save the marriage. They are not sure what to do. But they often feel as there is something horrible and inevitable approaching in the future. 

And this sense of dread and fear can make them wonder if they should leave their spouse before he can leave them - as kind of a preemptive strike. Someone might explain: "for the past three months, my husband has been very honest about the fact that he isn't sure if he wants to be with me anymore. He says he just feels that we have drifted apart and that we are no longer bringing out the best in one another. 

I agree with the drifting apart stuff, but I do not think that our marriage is dysfunctional in the least. I think we've just hit a patch where we became complacent in our marriage and I believe that it could be fixed. However, my husband is not sure that he agrees. I actually heard him on the phone with his brother and he was saying that he might come to visit. 
To me, this says that he is thinking about leaving me. I was talking to my own sister about this and she said that in her opinion, my husband has not been happy in a long time. She said that if she were me, she would leave him before he can leave me. She said it would be less painful this way because it would make me feel as if I am in the one with the control and that I am the one who is doing to rejecting. It is hard for me to wrap my head around leaving my husband.

 This is something that, never in my wildest dreams, would I ever envision. It makes me very sad. Is it a good idea to leave your spouse before he can leave you? "This is probably a decision best made by you. I can tell you my opinion. But I can't and won't focus on legalities because I'm certainly not a lawyer or legal expert. I'm not a mental health expert either, but I do have opinions based on going through this sort of situation myself. 

Make Sure That You Are Not Reacting To Fear Of The Unknown: I believe that many people in this situation react to anxiety and fear. The idea is that you are going to hurt him before he hurts you. This reminds me of an instance when I was flipping around the channels and the "Kelly And Michael Show" was on. 

They were to interview the president of the United States the next day. They were discussing their nervousness about the interview and Kelly misspoke. She joked that if someone in the White House were watching, they would likely change their minds about the interview and cancel. Then she said to the producer "why don't we break up with them before they can break up with us?" She was totally joking. It was a statement meant to lighten the load. But I remembered this because it struck a chord with me. 

I think it's very common in relationships for people to be tempted to bail in order to attempt to save themselves from pain. However, I believe that what they do not consider is that even when you are the one to take control and to take the initiative and leave, it still hurts - quite badly in fact. Essentially, you are still feeling the pain and then you're bringing on the outcome that you admitted from the very start that you did not want to happen. In other words, you took yourself out of the race before you even had the chance to lace up your shoes and run the race. 
Now, there are some situations where your spirit is being damaged by staying. Perhaps your spouse is emotionally or physically abusive. This is a very specific situation and my opinions on this would be different. In this case however, the couple had just grown apart. 

No one was hurting the other. The relationship had just deteriorated. And the wife believed that things could be turned around. There Is Much That You Can Change On Your Own: In the case of growing apart, it seems to me it would make sense to at least stick it out and try to change things. People often believe that they need their spouse's full cooperation in order to save their marriage. 

And when they don't get that same cooperation, they assume that their marriage is over and there is nothing that they alone can do to save it. I have found this assumption to be untrue. It's my experience that sometimes, changing your approach and making small changes with your own actions will eventually inspire your spouse to get with the program. 

And I think that in many cases, it is worth it to try this. What do you have to lose? He may leave eventually - I suppose. But before he does, maybe you could try to, at least on your end, pay attention to ways that you might bring back the connection. Because at least this strategy gives you a chance. 
Walking away before he leaves you may well make you feel empowered momentarily. But then you may realize that the price of that empowerment was letting your husband go - which you've already admitted you don't really want.  

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Sunday, April 1, 2018

My Spouse Doesn't Want Our Marriage Anymore And This Makes Me Feel So Helpless

When your spouse tells you that he is no longer invested in your marriage, it can become very easy to get down on the whole situation and to begin to feel somewhat helpless.

One reason for this is that you can feel a lack of control. It can feel as if no matter what you do or say, this is all out of your hands. For example, you might hear a wife say something like: "three weeks ago, my husband told me that he suspected he may not want our marriage anymore.

 He said that after dating me for nearly ten years and being married to me for four, he feels as if our relationship has run its course. It hurts me to hear him say this, but it doesn't surprise me. Because of our finances, my husband had to drop out of college and take on two part time jobs. The stress level has been incredibly hard on us. 
And for the past seven months after he left school, I have watched him withdraw from the things that used to make him happy. I have encouraged him to reach out to our extended families and to take some correspondence courses, but none of this has helped. 

He seems to be sinking deeper and deeper into despair and now he seems to think that I am part of his problems. I have tried to offer to work on our marriage. I have tried to make him happy in multiple ways. But nothing has worked and now I feel as if I have to sit by and watch helplessly as my husband abandons our marriage. 

I feel as if there is nothing that I can do but just watch this happen. "I know how this feels. When my husband and I separated, I often felt that there wasn't much I could do but just witness this event helplessly and feel all sorts of frustration. In fact, I tried numerous things to get my husband interested in our marriage again. But looking back at it now, the more I did this, the more pressured my husband felt and the more it appeared to him that I was making demands. This only increased his stress level and, as a result, he pulled further and further away from me.

 This cycle continued on and on until I complained to a therapist that I had no control over what was happening to me. She told me that I was wrong. She told me that we are all responsible for our own happiness and our own experiences. 

And although she conceded that I was going through a tough time in my marriage, she stressed that there were other aspects to my life outside of my marriage. And she challenged me that if I addressed these other areas, it would likely either help my marriage or make my marital issues not seem so dire. 
At first, I was frankly annoyed at this advice. My marriage was falling apart and suddenly she wanted me to take up hobbies and volunteer my time when I couldn't complete a positive thought? This angered me. But things in my marriage made it so that I really had no choice to be leave my husband alone for a while. And suddenly, I had quite a bit of time on my hands which needed to be filled. 

Staring at my four walls and feeling lonely wasn't working for me. So, I went to my parents' for a while and I reconnected with family and friends. Some of those same friends got me involved in activities that at least kept me active and engaged with my own life. Helping others made me feel needed and worthwhile. 

And even though my marriage wasn't going in the way that I would have liked, I no longer felt helpless about my life. This was a huge turning point and transformation. I am not going to tell you that suddenly I was OK with my husband all but rejecting me and my marriage. I most certainly wasn't. 

But I had some important realizations. I had my health. I had friends and family who loved me. I had a career that I was starting to love. My marriage was one aspect of my life where things weren't going well and where I felt hopeless. But in other aspects of my life, I had a lot of reason to feel hope. And I learned that if I focused on those things while giving my husband time, this in turn helped my marriage.
 I learned a very important truth. When you take responsibility for your own happiness and well being, this takes a huge amount of pressure and stress off of your spouse. It also shows him that you respect yourself. This usually makes him respect you more. And frankly, if he is having some personal struggles, as my husband was, seeing you turn around your own happiness level will often inspire him to be open to doing the same. 

I can't promise you that feeling hope in other areas of your life will make your husband seek help for his own happiness level and then make him realize that your marriage isn't the problem. This is a jump. It happens for some. But not for all. Still, it can't hurt. It will likely make you feel better and alleviate some stress. And I know first hand that feeling helpless isn't good, healthy, or advisable for anyone involved. 
If you are reading this article, that means that you have resources for access to the internet, your eyesight, your ability to read and process information and likely good enough health to support all of this. And, that in itself is a reason to feel hope. I'd also be willing to bet that you have people who love you, a vocation or calling that sustains you, and places where you can help others. 

Sure, your marriage may not be where you want it to be. But you can not control what your husband does. However, you can control how you respond to your circumstances. And one response encourages hope while another discourages it.  

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Emotional Distress - Signs and Symptoms

Emotional distress is such a broad term and is a mental setback that can affect anyone at any age.

 This form of distress can result from a number of things, it may be that you recently lost someone close to you, you are feeling overwhelmed at work, you're going through a major breakup and more. There is not one single thing that can pinpoint why a person will suffer this distress, every patient is unique and their cause can be completely different to the next patient. 

Emotional distress psychotherapy is one of the ways of handling the distress, getting to the root cause, discussing what you go through daily and learning different methods and techniques to use to help you manage your emotions and eliminate the unwelcome symptoms associated with this particular mental disorder. 

Most people suffering from emotional distress will feel anxious, they may feel over-stressed. This can be at home or at work. They tend to suffer with sleep disturbances, either sleeping too much and unable to wake up in the morning to being unable to stay asleep, lying awake throughout the night worried that they have to go to work in a short while.

 As previously mentioned, every single person is unique and their symptoms are different to the symptoms experienced by the next patients. While some patients who suffer with this distress find that they struggle to keep weight on and have unexplained weight loss, others may find that they pile the weight on. Weight fluctuations is a common side effect seen by emotional distress psychotherapists on a daily basis. Some patients find that they experience unexplained chronic pain. Pain in the neck, back and shoulders can all be caused by emotional distress. 

Tensing up and bunching up the muscles due to tension can leave patients in agonizing pain and unable to relieve it. Another reason that these patients tend to stay in bed, become moody and unable to control their emotions. Many patients who are suffering with emotional distress find that they become obsessive in their behaviour. They struggle to manage their anger and lash out for the slightest thing, which can become problematic both in the home and at the office.

 Constant tiredness can also be an unwelcome side effect, which can leave patients feeling drained and exhausted. Dragging themselves out of bed each day and heading into work, where they don't want to be, snapping at colleagues and struggling to get through the day is a common occurrence when you need emotional distress psychotherapy. 

One of the biggest problems you may encounter is the inability to concentrate for long periods accompanied with memory loss. In addition to feeling exhausted, frustrated, worried and stressed, you then have to deal with memory problems and concentration issued. Combined this can lead to more stress and even depression. 

Many patients suffering from this disorder tend to pull away from family and friends. They lack social activity and have no interest in spending time with friends and family. This is also a sign for friends and family that there is something wrong and maybe the person needs to seek help, giving them the tools they need to manage their distress and push them forward. 

Mood swings are a common side effect of emotional distress. Many patients will find that they wake up moody and grumpy, later in the day this will wear off, but as it gets a little later something small can trigger their mood, making them angry, upset and emotional all over again. 

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A Day Is Only 24 Hours Long: Discover Your Dream

If you are having a bad day you should remember there are only 24 hours in a day, and it won't go on for ever! 

This thought was passed on to me at the weekend when I was at a Super-market check-out. I was bemoaning the fact my day was turning into a rubbish day by my late decision to have chicken slices and salad for supper.

As I had grabbed my bag to jump in the car I found I had been inadvertently blocked in by a neighbour. My daughter's car was in front of mine but she was away for the weekend, with her key! Oh dear!

As I couldn't make the neighbour hear, I got help from another who watched me shunt my car out of a very awkward gap, and I left for my quest, thinking I would get some more plant too. Well the plants were sold out, the chicken was also sold out, it was pretty much a fruitless journey.

 I was bemoaning my fate at the checkout, half-irritated half-laughing when the assistant said: "A bad day only has 24 hours, before it ends"! Which had me thinking the same goes for a good day too, do we always appreciate each 24 hours? I must say most of my days are good. Why are they Good? I have the freedom of working for myself.

I choose my hours. Obviously sometimes I screw-up with my shopping plans by being engrossed in what I am doing, but that aside I love building my business, improving my website, learning new skills and satisfying my customers.

 If working from home would be fulfilling for you, why not do what I did and begin a hobby business part-time whilst you have an income from your work. There are loads of businesses that can be set-up on-line. Google your keywords.

I favour affiliate marketing which is a simple way to begin on-line.
Just introducing products to interested buyers and getting paid for it, how simple is that?
 There are skills to learn but it is very satisfying when you get your first orders, and no face to face selling.
For more information on affiliate marketing have a look on Amazon there are several books available including "Affiliate Marketing for Beginners" by Brian Conners, which appears to be on offer. There are also other work at home books or again you could Google keywords.

Today 387,000,000 people have typed into Google "I want to work at home on my computer". That is a lot of work dissatisfaction considering to-day is a bank holiday and one assumes people have more interesting things on their minds!

 This could be an interesting new hobby that you can develop for future freedom allowing you to follow your dream. Look out for other articles and leave me you comments or please share this article if you like it.

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