Dear friends and colleagues!

день медика1

On June 17, 2018 we will celebrate Day of the health worker.

For us it is a big holiday. Always very pleasant to congratulate the colleagues, to receive their congratulations, congratulations of patients and, of course — our family.

It is a holiday of all experts in the field of medicine: doctors, nurses, scientists and research associates, employees of laboratories and drugstores.

At all times respected and appreciated those who chose business of the life care of human health. In this number of Combustiology take a worthy place!

On behalf of our professional association it is warmly congratulated all physicians on a professional holiday!

We express special gratitude and gratitude to our colleagues working in burn offices and the centers.

The labor of love, high professionalism, surprising ability to feel pity for people you deserved sincere love and respect of patients.

We wish you a good health, success in work and wellbeing!

To new meetings at our conferences and congresses!          

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