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  ex-military diplomat and translator. I served on the Iranian, Turkish, Chinese, Mongolian borders. About those times I wrote the book "As Bent Steel". I worked in administrations of the Omsk region and the city of Omsk. I write a social and detective fantasy, lyrical verses. I live in Siberia in the city of Omsk.
  To me the nature was instead of the nurse, on markets I am more detailed>>
Begin acquaintance with:
  • Personal attorney. Book 1 313k "The personal attorney of the companion Dzerzhinsky"
  • On paradise fragments 445k Otsenka:3.19*5 "Fantasy"
    The summary to the section: Fantasy, fantasy, detective. A running in written and a look from outside

    Постоянное непостоянство. Блог Олега Северюхина

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    "Black Dzhek-18"

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    "Padded stool all the year round"

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    With fantasy elements

  • The password isn't necessary 432k the Detective Kommentarii any more: 4 (14/04/2018)
    The read option. The lieutenant of the German investigation at the end of 1917 is thrown in Russia on long subsidence and introduction in defensive industries. Freakish interlacings of life in Russia led to irreversible changes in destiny that plunged into amazement of his former heads
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    Alexander executes chapter 1-20
    Alexander executes chapter 21-40
  • Fantasy:
    With the detective's elements

  • Fishing on other planet 214k the Fantasy Comments: 1 (28/11/2017)
    The collection included stories: Long road forward. Subway. Help me, people!!! A funeral was magnificent. Padam-padam. Life wheel. Gate. Terrible secret. Pull three times a horse-radish late night. About a whale. Fishing on other planet. An adventure with the Goldfish. Vote for me, people!!! Enemy of all mankind. In each world the points for deception of people. A gift from the unknown wizard. The grandfather put turnip. For health of the secretary general
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  • On paradise fragments  445k Otsenka:3.19*5 Fantasy Comments: 11 (24/02/2018)
    The read option. New chronology on Earth cleared of people is begun since 2017 A.D. It is terrible to remain to one in the Siberian million-plus city, but it is necessary to survive and look for the satellite
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    Audio/video version of the book, part 1
    Audio/video version of the book, part 2
    Audio/video version of the book, part 3
    Audio/video version of the book, part 4
    Audio/video version of the book, part 5
    Audio/video version of the book, part 6
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    Notes concerning literary works and movies

    Memoirs [3]

    Personal attorney of the companion Dzerzhinsky [8]
    Adventures of the Russian-Soviet-Russian scout colonel Don Casanova

    In measurement of a ring [10]
    Adventures in time of the owner of a ring of Nefertiti

    In labyrinths of the dark world [4]
    The worlds exist nearby and all someone directs one

    Incomplete projects [7]
    For memory not to forget that costs on turn in work

    Help [32]
    So, for expansion of an outlook in military questions

    Eye [3]

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    Games of genes [3]

    Inspector [3]

    Run, Vasilich, run [3]

    Disputable secrets [3]

    As bent steel [3]

    Article [9]

    Collection of stories:

  • You don't awake the sleeping panther 224k with Otsenka:7.00*3 the Detective, Baizes Comments: 1 (28/10/2017)
    Stories and miniatures: Time of gods didn't come. You don't awake the sleeping panther. Indian summer. Ritual cafe. Shaitan stone. Intolerable person. Night fairy tale. Lonely soul. Miracles the hands. The road didn't come to an end in any way. Chinese-sauna. History of one prince
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  • The priest had a grenade  289k Otsenka:7.00*3 Prose Comments: 1 (21/01/2018)
    The collection of stories of 2005 included works lyrical, fantastic, memoirs, detective and comic genres: Flapper. The letter from the childhood. Secret. Tragedy. Tenderness. Delusion. Bear. Spy. Medal. Award. Milkmaid Vasya. Pilots. Night. Podsolnushonok. "Friendship-08". "Maruska". Ooh, you what! Who on light of all is lovelier. "A taiga wolf". Mrs. Santa Claus. Two hillocks on the bank of the warm sea. Disabled person. Hold a pocket. Impudent person. Cinderella. Tuk-tuk-tuk... Metal ruble. The priest had a grenade. Blue cat. Hari Krishna. Love History. Madonna. Hello, it I came. The eagle of flies doesn't catch. Virus. Once upon a time there were old man with the old woman. Baboon. Call of ancestors. Invader. Shishkari. About Gerasim. Nyushk's laika. From where I undertook. Voice in love. My first marriage night. Nanai. Taste of love. Joke. Women and Swans. As my father had hair cut. Mistake of the hunter Vtory
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  • Notebook of the hunter Vtory  258k Memoirs Comments: 1 (23/04/2018)
  • Story:

  • Who will call in a hand bell? 10k Otsenka:7.00*3 Fantasy Comments: 1 (24/01/2018)
  • Waves радиоморя 15k Humour
  • Collection of verses:

  • The collection of verses in pictures 15k Lyrics
  • I will stroke you a soft paw 1074k Poetry
  • Poem:

  • Will 0k Philosophy Comments: 1 (17/03/2018)
  • Reference book:

  • Cards of my books in the German National Library 1k  Litobzor
  • Organization of business contacts with foreign partners 652k Lyric poet Kommentariya: 1 (21/11/2017)
    In a grant only those materials which are really necessary in real work of the businessman or public servant on preparation and negotiation with partners are used. The author in detail stated national and psychological features of participants of negotiation process which need to be considered both in negotiations, and in daily communication between people of various nationalities. The basic rules of behavior abroad are interesting in the informative plan
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