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2006/07/04 10:44
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– we invite persons interested to see the most mysterious and beautiful country of the world – the Himalaya Kingdom of Bhutan to go with us to a campaign to snow tops. The good physical form is necessary for participation in fantastic travel (transitions for 7-8 hours a day) and the minimum mountain experience is desirable.

The team of brave travelers will go to a way approximately on September 30 – on October 1 on October 2-3 to move forward from Paro to Chomolkhari's region. The part of group in 8-9 days will return to Timpkhu to go home, remained will continue a way through Lai/Gasa and will climb down mountains in two weeks. For the last the adventure will last three weeks, and the general set and dumping of height will exceed 7000 m.

This offer has absolutely noncommercial character (everyone pays for himself) and works rather not for long. In July the group will be completed and paperwork will begin.

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