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Kingdom of Bhutan. Places and types: country of dzong and legends
Бутан :: Карта Страны

Butane is compared often to Shangri by La. And maybe, it is also paradise. In this the reserved, hidden in mountains country can see fine, paradise landscapes and the purest mountain rivers. Here still purely Tibetan culture remained. It is the country of the Buddhism, purity and an enlightenment in search of which monks came many centuries ago to Youzhny' slopes of the Himalayas, lodged there and gradually acquired monasteries which dzongam are called. Dzong are the enormous monasteries fortresses containing some thousands of people and built on small patches of unapproachable rocks. In the kingdom about 200 dzong in which lives 5000 monks and nuns. Eventually round dzong there were settlements, including the capital of the country - Timpkhu.

Paro - country gate
Бумтанг - the valley of legends
Punakh - the ancient capital

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