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Kingdom of Bhutan. Money

Monetary unit of Butane - ngultrum.
Бутан :: МонетаБутан :: ДеньгиБутан :: Деньги Till 60th years of our century inhabitants of Butane saw money infrequently. The majority of transactions was made by a barter method. But now in the territory of the small Himalaya kingdom three currencies go approximately on equal terms at once: ngultrum, Indian rupee and dollars.

Though governors of Butane minted own coin since the 17th century, more or less modern monetary system appeared here only in the last decades. Till 1971 in the address there were coins, the tikchung equal priserno? rupees. After in the country large financial operations began to be performed, 350000 tikchung were withdrawn from circulation, and in 1974 the present national currency - ngultrum was entered.

Бутан :: ДеньгиБутан :: Деньги The official rate of monetary unit of the kingdom to other currencies is established not in Timpkhu, and in New Delhi. This mission is entrusted Reserve bank of India. To Indian rupee ngultrum it is rigidly attached in the ratio 1:1. Face values of the banknotes which are in circulation the butanskikh correspond to Indian: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 ngultrum.

Exchange rate of ngultrum in relation to US dollar
$США 132,42735,43336,31341,25943,05544,94246,540
Бутан :: Деньги

The current exchange rate of ngultrum can be learned on the site www.india.ru where the rate of Indian rupee equal to ngultrum is published.
As, all service of tourists in Butane happens on system "all inclusive", it isn't necessary to think of money practically. Ngultrum are required only for small purchases in souvenir shops outside Timpkhu. If necessary it is possible to exchange currency in the uniform bank of Butane having 26 offices over all country. Cash and traveler's checks in dollars can also be changed in the hotels belonging to the main national tour operator of Bhutan Tourism Corporation Limited Butane.
Бутан :: Деньги
It is better not to plan to use credit cards in Butane. American Express cards accept only in Shopping center (Government Handicrafs Emporium) in Timpkhu and in some of capital large hotels, but operations with the card will demand much more time.

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