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Kingdom of Bhutan. Education

Бутан :: Образование :: Бутанские Ученики The education reform passed in Butane more than 30 years ago. Now reform bears notable fruits. Education level in Butane now the high. In the country the network of elementary schools, high schools, higher schools and colleges is developed. As houses in Butane in the majority are disseminated through mountains, children from school age send to boarding schools. For the winter children are given three-months vacation, and short vacation - in the summer to help parents to harvest. Usually, if someone from relatives passes by a boarding school, it brings to children gifts, sweets or money. Buildings of schools - solid and beautiful. School students work in a school garden. The best pupils are sent to study abroad, to India, Japan, America, Europe. There is a lot of people with the European, American or Japanese education in Butane. At schools, quite often volunteers from the western countries seriously teach English, and children often well speak English.

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