Бутан - страна Громового Дракона
Kingdom of Bhutan. Places and types: country of dzong and legends. Paro - country gate

The valley of Paro - the first place of the country which can be seen after arrival as in it there is the only airport in the country.

Paro is remarkable the National museum That Dzong where natural and historical exhibits, are presented by the fortress of Druk-yul Dzong and large monasteries Taksang Lagkhang Dzong, to Paro Dzong, Zari Dzong, etc. Magnificent models of painting of "tank" are stored in monasteries.

In the territory of the valley ruins of Druk-yul Dzonga are located. This fortress was constructed by Shabdrung Ngavang Namgual in the place convenient for control of the ways conducting to Tibet. It was called Drank Gayel - the Butane victory. In 1644, thanks to strategically favorable arrangement of a dzong, butanets reflected attacks of the Tibetan soldiers. The underpass to the river for supply of a dzong during a siege departs from a dzong. Here passes the majority of trade ways between Butane and Tibet.

The monastery Taksang Lagkhang Dzong (Tiger Den) - one of the main Buddhist shrines of the country, was founded in the VIII century of the Guru Rimpoche, laid the foundation to distribution of the Buddhism in the country. In the territory of the monastery there is a cave in which it meditated. From this cave the bewitching view of the highest (7000m) the mountain of the country of Dzhomolkhari where the Butane symbol - a thunderous dragon is found opens. It isn't dangerous to people as eats only mountain snow and ice from tops. For some reason the Dragon is seen by all locals and monks, except tourists. To the monastery in 4-5 hours it is possible to reach on the steps and passes which are cut down by monks in rocks hundreds years ago.

About Paro there are two major Buddhist monasteries - to Kyuychu Lagkhang and Dungttsa Lagkhang. It is remarkable that Kyuychu Lagkhang's monastery, the monastery Dzhampey in Bumtange, the monastery Dzhokhang in Lhasa and one more monastery in vicinities to Shigajie in Tibet make a rectangle. In the 7th century, even before Padmasambkhava's arrival, the tsar of Tibet Songsten Gampo saw these monasteries in meditation. To win against the terrible demoness of Tibet, a place where there was her heart, the monastery Dzhokhang was erected (Lhasa 638). At her left foot in 659 Kyuychyu Lagkhang in Paro, and at her left knee - Dzhampey Lakhang in Bumtange was erected. Everything, according to the plan of the tsar Songsten Gampo, 108 temples were built. In 1968 Asha Kesang's queen-mother built the second temple which is the exact copy of the first. The monastery is considered one of the major shrines, and is often visited by representatives of royal family.

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