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Kingdom of Bhutan. Interestingly about Butane

Butane - the country without beggars, hunger and crime. All grown up on this blessed earth - environmentally friendly because import of chemical fertilizers is forbidden. And only surplus of agricultural products is taken out to India. Here almost all vegetarians it is also forbidden to kill animals. In Butane aren't felled trees, and, on the contrary, land on naked slopes of mountains. There is no television, but there are TVs and mass of videotapes.

Weaver's skill

Бутан :: Ткацкое мастерство Weaver's skill is developed in the east of Butane, in mountain villages. Having visited there, it is possible to meet women who sit directly in the open air, sing and weave remarkable and bright cloths. This craft is descended. It is considered that the best weavers - in areas to Lkheuntsa, Smoke Gkhu and Radhi of east Butane. There are some types of cloths. Weavers develop them from raw silk, silk on cotton and from completely silk threads. Threads and a yarn are painted with natural paints and dry up one week prior to transformation them in Gkho and Cyrus's traditional suits. These are indispensable national articles of clothing of the kingdom length to a floor. Kira, a female attire, is sewed from three cloths which form a big rectangle. It is draped and develops round a female body and is fixed on a waist by the special belt called "ker".
Full process of development of these products borrows from 6 months to one year. Therefore the cost of these products turns out very high. Often they are part of the family budget and even are used in barter.


Бутан :: Стрельба из лука Archery - the most favourite sport of butanets. Each village has own field for archery. No festival or a festival does without competition in archery. Distance to targets - about 120 meters. Targets are cut out from a tree and brightly painted.
The main competition happens once a year, during celebration of butansky New year, Losar. Excitement before tournament begins on the eve of competition. Teams even employ astrologers to make selection of participants and to send on the opponent of a spell. By old tradition, before competition of team spend the night in the wood or a barn. The place and time also depend on an outcome of calculations of astrologers. It is considered that night before competition it is better for participant not to hold competitions to the wife that the general concentration was up to standard. Competition begins with initiation and a traditional breakfast. Since the earliest morning a lot of hard alcoholic beverages. At the end of day when alcohol already gives full effect, the become hoarse participants loudly whisper to the opponents of obscenity and dance the dances distracting attention before targets. Women from each village support the team singing, and deride team of the opponent.


In Timpkhu there are factories on production of traditional paper - from fibers of plants, on Ancient Chinese technology. To the touch paper rough, as wrapping. But this paper has the special value and mission. The books made of such paper maintain many hundreds of years therefore it is always ordered by Buddhist monasteries from various countries.


In Butane the custom of cremation is accepted. But, by the Tibetan tradition, the best way of a funeral is return of bodies of the dead in a forage to birds. It is considered that so bodies go directly on the sky. Therefore, thus, still bury small children as for them it is the most favorable ceremony.

Parable about four friends

One of darlings in Butane of fairy tales - a parable about 4 friends. It bears a faint resemblance to the Russian national fairy tale "About a Turnip". In Dzongkh it is called Tkhuyenpa пуэн ши. In a parable it is told how four friends: the elephant, a monkey, a rabbit and a peacock received a big crop of fruit thanks to mutual aid and sharpness. The peacock found grain and put him to the earth, the rabbit watered it, the monkey grew him, and the elephant protected from any misfortunes. At last the fruit tree grew, and fruit ripened. But it was such high that our friends couldn't reach a top and reap a crop. Then the monkey climbed up an elephant, the rabbit on a monkey, and climbed up a rabbit a peacock. The high pyramid turned out and they could reap the crop.

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