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Бутан :: Виза To minimize influence on unique butansky culture, the butansky government established the strict set of rules assuming that you will travel in advance planned route, the most part in group and pay from 165 to 200 dollars, depending on a season, on system "all inclusive". Despite it process of receipt of a visa is rather simple. Visas through the tour operator connected with Department of Tourism in Butane are made out. At least in 3 weeks prior to travel it is necessary to transfer to the travel agent passport data. At confirmation of the visa by the Butansky party, and in the airport Druk Eyre is sent to tour operator the confirming number of the visa. You won't be let aboard the plane by the companies Druk Eyre until they get this number. The actual visa is put in the passport already on arrival in Paro if you came by the plane, or in the border city of Puyentsholinge if crossed border the earth. After that it is necessary to pay 20 dollars and to submit two passport photos with number of the passport, written on their reverse side. The visa works during the period of 15 days. At its excess surcharge in 20 dollars is necessary. The Russian citizens who arrived as tourists aren't subject to registration. Restrictions on movement about the country aren't present.

Customs rules

On point of entry into the country all baggage of the driving is subject to control. Import of drugs, the weapon and military equipment is strictly forbidden. Tourists can take out souvenirs (with special certificates it is possible to take out also subjects of antiques) to the countries. Import and export of national currency is forbidden, the foreign currency is surely declared.


It isn't required to do special inoculations, but that who is going to travel tracking, it is recommended to do vaccination against a poliomelit, tetanus, typhus, cholera, hepatitis A and malaria. In the country there are no private doctors or clinics, and there is a system of the state hospitals, treatment in which for tourists the free. In Timpkhu there is the main hospital of the country of National Referral Hospital where it is possible to receive the best service. In hospitals it is possible to receive primary help, but in case of a serious disease or a trauma, departure to other nearby country is necessary.

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