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Telephone code of the country 975


5 years ago Butane there was no own Internet service. Certain enthusiasts dialed telephone number of the American agencies the Internet, and entered the Internet through America, paying time on the Internet as an international call. With opening of the country's first Internet cafe, the industry the Internet started developing promptly and now the country already has own Internet the .bt domain
Addresses butanskikh of Internet service providers:
www.druknet.bt www.nic.bt


Operator Entrance. call Local outgoing call International telecommunication Call to Moscow SMS Readdressing Reference to the source
MTS Roaming is possible only in a satellite network of Turaya. MTC
Megaphone Roaming is possible only in a satellite network of Turaya *, low prices of Megafon Megaphone
1,10 0,63 - 0,72 0,86 - 2,73 1,07 0,29 +

* - the satellite operator, existence of the dvukhmodovy mobile terminal allowing to be registered with GSM standard SIM cards in a network of the sputniky operator Thuraya Satellite, in a network Megafon and also in the GSM networks, available on roaming, is necessary.

Time advances Moscow for 2 hours 45 minutes (in the summer for 1 hour 45 minutes).

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