It is time to bring down?

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Here still someone writes it appears.


But if to look at the closed reports of payment of the put weapon, the picture will appear absolutely another. Behind examples it is far you shouldn't go.

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It is time to bring down? Emigration from Russia.

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Why Russia "Country of slaves, country of misters".

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Stierlitz went across Berlin. And something imperceptible gave in him the Soviet intelligence agent
The shirt under the Vietnamese shirt at the Russian President Vladimir Putin at the APEC summit in Vietnam is a trifle of which there are big-time politics

At the summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) in Vietnam the Russian President Vladimir Putin has violated the protocol during the photography ceremony. It in Facebook was said by the Russian blogger Vladimir Kozionov.

"Under the protocol – all men in the Vietnamese shirts on a naked body. We look at GDP – in a shirt on a shirt. The trifle, of course, but exactly also consists of such trifles big-time politics. What is it? More likely, panic fear of all and all. From the same opera, I believe, planes with products and cooks, a glass of water with a lid and so forth", – he has written.

About it the blogger has remembered a joke about the intelligence agent Stierlitz.

"Stierlitz went across Berlin. And something imperceptible gave in him the Soviet intelligence agent. Whether the budennovka dashingly shifted aslant, whether a parachute which was dragged behind it on all city", – Kozionov has noted.

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Expression method (Part 3)

In particular, it was talked of deliveries of India of electromagnetic catapults of EMALS. There is an opinion that on this round of negotiations it was succeeded to achieve a compromise on the power plant of the ship.

Americans insisted that for the similar project it is necessary to use the nuclear power plant, and Hindus offered alternative option.

Generally, obstacles for signing of the contract – are removed and it is necessary to expect the beginning of works in this direction. Except catapults, the States will deliver also other systems and units of the aircraft carrier.

The Indian military consider that electromagnetic catapults are more technological and will be able to provide start of those aircraft which they see as deck aircraft.

We will remind, together with the Vikramadity Russian Federation has put also planes of deck aircraft which have failed almost at once because of their bad fitness to regular starts and landings to the deck.

The tender for delivery of 57 planes of deck aircraft in response to which applications of producers of planes are already submitted is already announced: American F-18, French Rafal, Swedish Gripens and Russian MiG-29K. It is clear, that Russians will have there very few chances because they are simply not adapted for work with a catapult.

Thus, Hindus have accurately shown that they don't accept the concept of aircraft carriers which were put by the Russian Federation. Installation of starting catapults completely changes all ideology of the aircraft carrier and gives it that look which he has to have.

That is, Hindus have defined in the past the Russian concept of the aircraft carrying ship, and together with him and the concept of deck aircraft which is professed by the Russian Federation. We will notice, in this case comparison goes even not with the recognized leader, in this area – the USA, and with what already builds China.

Once again. Doesn't arrange India that proposals of Russians already significantly are inferior to opportunities of China. However, as China — the potential opponent, cooperation with him is impossible in principle.

All this combined says that such country as India is already not impressed with the technological level of the Russian defense industry at all. And, the speech doesn't go separately about tanks or planes any more, and about the whole complex of hi-tech system of arms which the modern aircraft carrier is.

Traffic in arms – is very closed for public eyes and has the traditions connecting consumers and producers. Usually such communications are quite strong and for their gap good reasons are necessary. Such mass outcome of one of the largest consumers with ¾ the Russian weapon on another, speaks about full disappointment not only in products of the Russian defense industry, but even in her prospects.

Accurate and careful calling of the American producers on the Indian market is available. Here it is necessary to notice that Hindus almost always make demands of adjustment of production of the bought production at the capacities. This condition long constrained the USA from the conclusion of direct contracts.

But in principle, the States practice similar things with the reliable partners. So, key planes and the ships of the Japanese forces of self-defense are under construction in Japan, at transfer of technologies and deliveries of separate knots and units, the States. The same both with the EU, and with Israel.

In this sense, the recent statement of the U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson who following the results of another visit to Delhi has declared identical understanding both parties of the principles of the rule of law, freedoms of navigation and other is quite indicative.

That is, the partner platform on which the States can begin dense cooperation with India, in the field of defense industry complex has been read.

It is possible to claim for certain that as soon as the States come on the Indian arms market, the Russian Federation will lose it completely and finally, and we remember that the Indian market means to Moscow.

Approximately and the Kremlin feelers, accurately are chopped off, but it is concrete.

So will be both with oil, and with gas.

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Expression method (Part 2)
To feel the market capacity of arms of the country with more than billion population, it is necessary to notice that in an interval between 2000 and 2016 India covered import of arms for 72% with deliveries of the Russian production.

And Hindus, unlike Syrians – pay and turns of producers of arms queue up to them. On the other hand, arms supplies to India for the Russian Federation made about a third of all export. If to take only those deliveries for which there takes place payment at least upon then the Indian contracts will make much more half of all export shaft of solvent contracts.

But recently there was a certain demolition of these old relations. At first Hindus have rejected the Russian tanks and have begun transfer of the armored forces to the car of own production, the same has occurred also in the field of aircraft.

The most unpleasant and painful incident has occurred with well-known FAK PAS, plane of "the fifth generation". We in detail described an essence of this situation, but except technical troubles, has been stated main of them. On the initial idea, this plane can't belong to the fifth generation in any way.

In him a number of the technologies which are key for the fifth generation wasn't even put. Besides, exactly on set of these technologies, the Chinese schoolmate has turned out more advanced to the fifth generation though too can't carry this definition.

It means that Hindus have felt a limit of technological level of the Russian defense industry and this limit them hasn't arranged. As India is guided by technological parity, in the field of arms, with China, the Russian opportunities can't be given already just conditions for achievement of such parity.

As a result there was a situation when large and very perspective buyer of arms began to look for more technological samples of arms. So, the French have already intercepted contracts for delivery of multi-purpose fighters at the Russian Federation, but it was only the call for all players that India is ready to leave from long traditions of purchases of weapon at the Russian Federation.

In this sense, the going negotiations of Delhi and Washington on delivery of separate knots and military units, as well as finished products, in particular – aircraft are very indicative. That's it in these negotiations all points over і, in respect of technologies of defense industry of the Russian Federation are placed.

It is known that India has bought the aircraft carrier which is called Vikramaditya now from the Russian Federation. She has gone in the footsteps of China which has redeemed an unfinished construction of the aircraft carrier in Ukraine and by means of our experts has licked him into shape and has entered into the fighting structure of the fleet. Beijing didn't hide that this aircraft carrier will be used not so much as the fighting platform how many – educational.

At the same time, at a stage of operational development of the ship to a fighting state, the Chinese engineers became skilled to construct the aircraft carrier of own project and already it will become a basis of the aircraft carrying fleet of China.

Hindus have made approximately the same, with a view to construction of own aircraft carrier. As China has begun the program for about 10 years earlier, Hindus have appeared as catching up, but have decided to catch up with Chinese technically.

From October 29 to October 31 in India there has passed the final round of coordination of the perspective contract on participation of the USA in construction of the Indian aircraft carrier.

From the States the delegation was headed by the executive director of the program of construction of aircraft carriers Brian Antonio, and from the Indian side – the vice admiral Dishpande.

(the termination follows)

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