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АМАЛЬГАММА :: Сенсационный Проект Ирины Дельской :: Подробнее


Изысканный Стиль и светская музыкальная атмосфера - обязательный атрибут Высшего Общества!

VIP Концерты для Высшего Общества, VIP Мероприятия, Светские Приемы, Торжества, Презентации
Person of the world! Angel of music! She sings for you!!!

Its song can listen again and again, enjoying the purest sounding of the fantastic musical palette which is giving rise to magic feelings of the happiest moments of life.

Trembling pleasure of love, the anticipating languor of hope, the directed power of belief, sensual desires, the inspiring imaginations... In this festive delight you find the new, kind, light and happy World of your Dream!

Each speech of the Singer is a meeting with the Angel of Music, this fine event in your life which is endured, and remains a beautiful picture of your boundless memory.
This Music attracts the depth and magnificence!

Irina's voice bewitches and inspires! It is worth hearing only its time, and you will make important discovery in your life, and will enjoy fantastic experiences waiting for a new meeting!

Its Music clears and pacifies!

There comes the moment when you forget where you, anything doesn't torment you any more and doesn't torment, in soul heat and tranquillity spreads. The beautiful Angel Muzyki appears from magic sounds and around euphoria and the highest pleasure sets in!

Its Music carries away and inspires!

Songs performed by Irina Delskaya fascinate and become very close. This music to you is familiar for a long time! Listen to yourself, and you will understand that somewhere in you very similar melody plays. This music goes with all the heart, from heart, being born in a unification with you and with world around! The voice of the singer sounds as your internal voice, and a magic echo for a long time remains to you!

Irina Delskaya's singing – tremendous magnificence!

Bewitching voice, virtuosity, tremendous power, vocal range - more than four octaves! These highest qualities in combination with talents of the singer and composer, poet and artist, allow Irina by the right to treat elite of a world musical platform. It is compared often to Sara Braytman, Meraya Carrie, Selene Dion, Whitney Houston. Even with Freddie Mercury and the alien Star from "The fifth element"!

Человек мира! Ангел музыки! Она поет для Вас!!!

Irina Delskaya's voice cures Soul and Heart!

People at its concerts feel uplift and harmony, inflow of forces and health! About the wonderful salutary force of a voice of Irina legends go! The voice of the Singer has the inspiring and curing effect, influencing soul and subconsciousness. After Irina's concerts every time repeats the same phrase – the public feels "shock".

Respectable and thorough, graceful and vigorous Music!

Ingenious masterpieces of world Classics, planetary Hits Fate and Pop platforms, author's works, songs of outstanding composers of the present, sound in progressive Classical Crossover style, on the basis of laws of harmony of classical music, actual rhythms, rich and colourful electronic and symphonic sounding! Songs in bright, original processing performed by Irina Delskaya delight different generations of listeners, experienced music lovers and simple fans of music!

High and light Music!

Irina's songs uplift to divine ideals, approach to the purposes of your aspirations! These purest sounds of Music and a crystal voice allow to express all terrestrial and unearthly beauty, granting spiritual wealth and freedom, force and harmony, love and happiness!

Elegant Music and refined style!

Enchanting musical cocktail with intonations of the spicy East and cold North, classics and fate, romantic ballads and dancing rhythms - creates a dizzy shock!

Divine voice!
The most many-sided in music world!

The talent, great skills and sincere Lyubov for People – Divine Gift which the Musician, the Singer Irina Delskaya so generously and multilaterally gives to the World, gives you!!!

On April 14, 19:00
Perm regional philharmonic hall, Big hall
Concert program
"Revelation Angela"
Seminars. Master class in a vocal!
Classical and variety vocal. Magic of a voice.
Free admission
Organizer: LearnMusic

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