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  • Industrial cultivation of bees
    Промышленное разведение пчел JSC Biprom - the agricultural enterprise specializing on cultivation of bees of Carpathian breed.
  • Beehive Market
    Улей Маркет We - the young, dynamically developing company which specializes on production and sale of beehives and accessories to them.
  • Honey of Altai Krai
    Мёд Алтайского края Our apiary is in the Krasnogorsk the region of Altai Krai. The apiary costs in the grechishnykh fields. Here their thousands of hectares. The main sowing culture in our area is buckwheat. The pollen analysis of honey showed 74% a buckwheat share in honey. The rest wild plants. On the site it is possible to buy grechishny honey from an apiary directly from the beekeeper.
  • Matkovyvodny apiary in Kiev
    Матковыводная пасека в Киеве Matkovyvodny apiary in Kiev
  • Shop of farmer honey
    Магазин фермерского мёда Shop of farmer natural honey and products of beekeeping
  • Kind bee-keeper
    Добрый пасечник The idea of opening of shop in which it would be possible former came to get honey directly from apiaries in 2010 to Zhukov Evgeny - the son of the hereditary beekeeper Vladimir Stepanovich Zhukov. The first shops Tyoply Stan in September, 2010 was discovered near the subway. Now "The kind bee-keeper" is 6 shops within walking distance from …
  • Classification of diseases of bees
    Классификация заболеваний пчел To a great regret of a bee, as well as other objects of wildlife divorced by the person are subject to various diseases. A task of the beekeeper is their timely profilaktirovaniye, identification and, whenever possible, improvement of an apiary. The list of the noncontagious and infectious bee illnesses capable to nullify the work enclosed in development of an apiary is provided in article. Classification of diseases of bees In beekeeping …
  • In the Penza region requirements to honey become tougher
    В Пензенской области ужесточаются требования к меду In recent years interest of the Penza population in beekeeping, as to one of the most perspective directions of small agrobusiness grows. In the region of 23 agricultural consumer cooperatives and 60 country farms go in for beekeeping.
  • Products of beekeeping will be processed in Bashkiria
    In Bashkiria there will be a combine on processing of products of beekeeping, reports State TV and Radio Broadcasting Company "Bashkortostan". Its power as it is noted in the resolution of the regional government, will make to 3 thousand tons of the packed-up honey a year. Till 2021 the object is planned to be put into operation.
  • In Altai it is possible to keep only peaceful bees now
    На Алтае теперь можно держать только миролюбивых пчел The regional Veterinary Department reported about changes in rules of the maintenance of bees. These rules were approved in May, however the Ministry of Justice registered them in August.
  • Ручные вальцы для изготовления вощины

    Manual rollers for production of a voshchina are ideally suited for own production of a voshchina on averages and small beekeeping farms. Allows to make a voshchina with sizes of a cell and leaf, optimum for your conditions.

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