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15.12.2007 the new, official site Is started.

01.01.2007 It is planned during a summer season of 2007 of work on Yukon. (in more detail)

Song about Yukon

Once the boy from London Jack,
For the first time I heard about a feat of an eyelid.
100 thousand pigheads in teams, on foot
In search of happiness crept to Yukon.
Yukon... Yukon... Yukon...

Dawson, Klondike, Chilkut, Henderson...
Over the world I sounded, as if, gold a ring.
George Garmaks and Charlie, and Skukum Meson
Magically I attracted and I called all to Yukon.
Yukon... Yukon... Yukon...

Augustus, seventeen, nine and six,
That day the world heard that gold is!
To whom to make us the low bow?
All that who gave to the world five hundred tons!
Yukon... Yukon... Yukon...

Drags hummed in Bonanz to the river,
In a proud appearance, in full beauty
It doesn't dream me, isn't present is not a dream
Distinctly I hear and I echo them in tone
Yukon... Yukon... Yukon...

I became popular and a local brothel,
Where the song and music groan was heard,
Where day and night the baritone rattled,
I sang, overstraining, the visitor a chanson.
Yukon... Yukon... Yukon...

Here everything remained: both churches and ring,
Pubs, hotels, ferry, phaeton,
The same prospektor, with a shovel, with a tray,
Wanders about small rivers, sings in unison
Yukon... Yukon... Yukon...

And in every spring I am torn to Yukon,
Where there are no nights, the house full of pleasure.
But every fall during a farewell season
Both aches, and the saxophone groans in me.
Yukon... Yukon... Yukon...
Abrol Kakharov
Behind gold to Yukon.

- Each person who is directly or indirectly connected with gold mining, dreams Yukon. It is the huge territory in which there live only 38 thousand people, from them 20 thousand in the capital of Uaytkhorz. The set of myths was assigned to this territory of Canada. The first - that is God the forgotten, styly edge and the second that gold isn't present more there.

Actually, the territory Yukon the earth which is almost not touched or a little touched by a civilization. There are still places where the foot of the person didn't go. The Yukon territory is a little inhabited also winters here, with long nights, on the present are cold and severe. But the myth about not habitability and a stylost of edge is rather a stereotype than reality.

As well as why process tails at gold mining.

It is well-known that waste, or so-called – tails, enrichments of the gold mining and overworking enterprises contains residual amount of gold and represents, both a certain value, and danger.

The production tails crushed and mixed, having value, quite often, with harmful impurity of reagents and metals in contact with water and atmospheric air, occupy the big spaces and pollute environment.
Continuation (part 1) (part 2)

(sa1) Hours for tourism equipped with a compass
Morons, Malbuki, Morons.

Time prevails. I didn't consider myself as the old man at whom the conflicts to characters and povedeniye of youth began. These are so-called, problems of generations. Always I considered that to complain of youth that it not such what was a typical indicator of the come old age earlier.

It seemed to me that I not badly understood interests young and people is more senior than me. Always with pleasure I communicated with people of different interests, age and characters.
Continuation (part 1) (part 2)
As well as why process tails at extraction of gold.

Well-known, that waste or so-called - tails of enrichment gold minnig and the processing enterprises contain residual quantity of gold and represent, both the certain value, and danger.

The mixed tails of manufacture having value, quite often, with a harmful impurity of reagents and metals in contact to water and atmospheric air, borrow greater areas and pollute an environment.

Attempts to extract gold in Canada: one of attempts to process tails.

Group of experts of Canada and Uzbekistan under the direction of and with the assistance of professor A. Kakharov developed and offer, for approbation in semi-industrial scale on representative test of stale tails of flotation of copper production, rational low-waste technology of their enrichment and processing.

Attempts to extract gold in Canada: attempts to organize placer gold production.

Owner has several placer gold claims/test proven i n the Barkerville area ofB.C Canada/all have good access/water/excellent for the serious miner or hobby.There are 4 claims on the famious Cunningham Creek bulk and hand testing has been done over the past 15 years 800 yd bulk test yielded 32 ozs. with a crude wash plant hand tests were equally as good price is of $55 k Fraser River one claim excellent fine gold with some nuggets of gold and platnium price is of $15 k also have other ground available. I stake claims and do consulting @ $500 of per claim as Ihave 30 the area
Attempts to extract gold in Canada: attempt to revive mine

The given feasibility report is executed by the following group of experts: engineer-geologists PhD of Geology Anvar Baymuhamedov, Dina Ermekbayeva, the mining engineer PhD of Technical Science Lolita Kakharova under a management and with participation of professor Abrol Kaharov under the task coordinated with the owner of deposit RON Berdahl, during the period of August 15, 2004 - January 15, 2005.

Happiness, progress to you
Côte d'Ivoire.

Kot-d "the Ivuar-state in the Western Africa. Borders on Liberia, Guinea, Mali, Burkina Faso and Ghana. Is the producer of cocoa (the first place in the world) and coffee (the third place in the world) Population - 20,6 million (an assessment for July, 2009). Average life expectancy - 54 years at men, 56 years at women; The Zarazhyonost a virus of an immunodeficiency (HIV) - 3,9% (an assessment of 2007).

The ball terrestrial became small for me,
To me грёзатся mountains where I didn't happen.
The countries flash zazyvno attracting,
And here предо me Côte d'Ivoire.

In Côte d'Ivoire the nature created,
Paradise conditions for life of animals.
Elephants, monkeys and creatures frolic,
All it is free except people here.

Malians, Guineans and Liberians,
Residents of Ghana, Burkina Faso,
Over Côte d'Ivoire turn as if birds,
To get to itself food, to construct a nest.

Kot-d'ivuartsam it isn't simply to live,
Heritage of slavery, lawlessness of people,
High mortality look of a Holocaust,
Heap of the authorities of all colors.

The generosity of the nature - everything roughly grows,
Harvesting three times a year.
For what suffers and lives in poverty,
Hardworking and honest people?

Oil, gas, bauxites, iron, tantalum,
Diamonds and gold that small Republic of South Africa,
Copper deposits, than not Urals?
Nickel and cobalt - Côte d'Ivoire

Don't believe that in Africa people lazy,
These are leisure thoughts naive.
Kot-d'ivuartsy hardworking,
Assembled cocoa isn't present in the world to them equal.

I have hope and I believe in success,
The computer will take a machete place.
The racism remains as a sin will disappear.
And Kot-d'ivuarets will find happiness.

Stand the Kyrgyz!

Stand, the Kyrgyz! Think again, regain consciousness!
Uzbek to you not the enemy. It was and there is your brother.
Stand, the Uzbek! Refrain from revenge,
Kyrgyz our friend at all not the pirate.

Stand, the Kyrgyz! Come round, understand!
Who inspired in you, what troubles from Uzbeks?
Stand, the Uzbek! Look narrowly more clearly,
Bandits on behalf of Kyrgyz are active.

Stand, the Kyrgyz! You blood swear,
Tyrants, murderers you death will punish.
Stand, the Uzbek! You too swear!
Murder of wives, children; you won't dirty yourself.



Счётчик Рейтинг

How to find and extract gold in Canada.

Gold searches, its investigation and development my profession. I am engaged in it many years and therefore decided to share experience how to find and extract gold in Canada.

There is a possibility of delivery of limited volume of a copper concentrate with the maintenance of 10-15% from Canada within 10 years. In case of interest we will report details.

Our address: Gold Mining Corp.: "ABROL-AKA" 90 BURNDALE AVE, TORONTO, ON, M2N 1S7

Ph. +1-416-364-4381, +1-647-505-4381 Fax: +1-416-221-3451 Skype: Abrol.Aka

Questions? Our e-mail address:
To contact the director of Abrol-Aka corporation:

ЛОТЛ - интернет-аукционы


Mobile installation on processings (municipal unitary enterprise) of gold-bearing ores. Installation of municipal unitary enterprise is calculated for processing of gold-bearing ores with a productivity of one ton per hour and more by request. The izmelchitelny equipment with adjustable crushing to a micron state is drobilno included in the package of municipal unitary enterprise; set of concentrating devices of gravitational enrichment, magnetic separation, etc. At the request of the customer installation can be executed collapsible, and also is mounted by cars of various loading capacity. Production terms, a complete set, delivery and forms of cooperation are discussed with each client individually.

Gold Mining Corp.: "ABROL-AKA"

tel: (416) 364-4381 fax: (416) 221-3451 e-mails:

It is a little about Yukon and offers on the organization of business in this territory.

Company, Gold Mining Corp. "Abrol-aka", carries out purposeful activities for studying of possibility of the organization of business in the conditions of the North, the territory Yukon Kanady.

First of all, this edge is considered how the gold mining province where, on an extent more than hundred years, are conducted continuous gold mining.

Take-off and falling of volumes of gold mining on Yukon, for these years, speak, factors, characteristic for mining branch, as need of attraction of ever-increasing investments in connection with exhaustion of stocks and complication of mining conditions of development.

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I am not Jew

Tell that at some forum asked the Japanese the same question three times: whether Jew it.
He softly answered the first: - "No, I am not Jew".
He too explained to the second that he isn't Jew.
To the third he nervously blurted out: "Yes, I am Jew and what further?"
"Strange, but you are so similar to the Japanese" - said the asking.


Offer on business creation!

The idea of business, on exploration and production of coal in the conditions of Far North, consists in the following:

1. To investigate and reveal perspective coalfields for investigation and passing production in the region of the Far North of Canada where thermal energy is highly appreciated along with such minerals as diamonds and gold.

2. The deystvyushchy and again created objects of an industrial and household purpose can become potential consumers.

3. The commercial risks connected with this idea are minimized as preliminary researches are conducted and prevoocheredny sites for profitable development with passing receiving production are defined.

To address: (647) 505-4381; (416) 364-4381


In the world there is one riddle - a gold-rush.
Hundreds, one thousand, people arrive to the port Skagvey.
The hard way is necessary, but not all will come to Klondike.
Many will fall here - in frozen soil of the mountain Chilkut.

They will be stopped nothing by neither snowstorm, nor heavy work,
Unless only... tarpaulin to wrap up a funeral, a corpse.
Their ranks already thin, hardly moving go,
Stepping them on heels, people zombies a rod and a rod.

The gold-rush will excite, mind will confuse,
Vzbalomoshenny idea the clear reason will absorb.
And then human crowds a chain will go
In California in the desert forever rest will be found.

In Sacramento only lucky will reach Nevada.
And the road to El Dorado "Death" the valley will be called,
But Digera and Garimpeyro won't be given, won't leave.
The bewitched people, slightly live, but go.

Kolyma - another matter, the mighty of this world work,
State program "fever" will be called.
And then, as from under the crane, people a stream will begin to flow,
Prisoners in echelons on stages will be carried.

Anything that terrible cold, anything that people mnut,
The supervisor doesn't suffer from shortage of human hands.
"The place is sacred" isn't empty. Doomed here don't wait.
Dependent, condemned escorts will bring.

In the same way, the Pharaoh, he didn't consider the dead,
Gold - blood I filled up treasury with full luxury.
Gold-rush... from it the whole world shivered,
Retsedivno arising, people perished for metal.

What for fate hangs over the world? What for secret it is hidden in it?
Really to people not to get happiness some other way?
Really it won't be possible? Really we won't understand?
Why people perish from time immemorial?

Abrol Kakharov

Organization of versatile economy. (Business offering)

The center of versatile economy chose the territory Yukon because of:

1. Existence of huge, potential natural resources.

2. Government support and stimulation of business from special funds in the form of allocation of grants.

3. The developed network of automobile, air, sea messages.

4. Privileges in training of children and adults, effective health care.

5. Special conditions of immigration.

continuation / eng ver.

Attention! Gold miners!

On territories Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada the perspective site for investigation and passing gold mining is revealed.

The highest content of gold in shtufny test-19.4 of g/t Au

Kanavny approbation established four meter power by the content of g/t Au gold-4.86

In total on a site 14 wells of the general long 1624 meters with crossing of zones-2.63 g/t Au on 3.8m are drilled; 2.86 g/t Au on 3m, and 3.85 g/t Au on 1.5m.

There is one crossing-35,223 of g/t Au on 2.85m

The owner is ready to consideration of any forms of cooperation.


It is offered for sale in 2008 a stream, the former development of gold in bliz of the city of Dawson. (Territory Yukon) On a stream of 18 gold-bearing sites of 150 by 300 meters in size. The Probnost of gold of the Stream 740 - 780 at tannin of +10 meshes. Nuggets meet. The owner will submit full information and documentation to serious buyers. The posted price is 49.0 thousand dollars of the USA.


Departure of gold miners according to the Yukon-2008 program from Toronto is appointed to May 17, 2008.

The person interested to take part phones: Leonid (416) 886-1431 or Abrol-aka (647)505-4381

Yukon-2008 program

1. Organization and carrying out search and geological and estimated works on a grant of the government of Yukon.

2. Continuation of prospecting works on sites California Kreek in the valley Sikstimayl.

3. Choice and stolbleniye of new gold-bearing sites.

4. Research and introduction of new methods of investigation and extraction of gold from scatterings.

5. Searches and investigation of ore gold.

Gold Mining Corp.: "ABROL-AKA"

Incentives of the government of Yukon to scouts of gold.

I promised my colleague from Russia, to Boris Kavchik from ИРГИРЕДМЕТа long ago, to write article for publication in the magazine how business with registration and the organization of searches and prospecting works on gold in Canada is put. But I didn't know as to start business.

For many years I already got used to local orders and considered that this well-known procedure and so probably affairs in many countries are.

Continuation here.

There was that had to happen.

The message that the gold price in the world market overcame a boundary of 1000 dollars became sensational news of the last days.

With the questions of that which are what happened in the market of gold to what it conducts and what feelings the person has thus, we decided to address to our expert and the expert in gold Abrol Kakharov.

Continuation here.

What new on the gold front?

In the past 2007 our Tsentraziya newspaper ( under heading: "Behind gold to Yukon" I published conversation with the gold miner from Canada. Professor Abrol Kakharov living in Toronto and the visiting edge sung by Jack London - Yukon was every summer the guest of edition. Last conversation can be read here

Today we again met it and again we discuss questions of gold mining.

Continuation here.

Offer (Delivery of a magnetitovy concentrate)

1. Country: Canada
2. Mineral: Magnetite (Fe3o4)
3. Purpose of the project: Delivery of a concentrate for ferrous metallurgy.
4. Quality of a concentrate: Iron more than 60 percent
5. Scope of supply: 100-200 thousand tons per year
6. Total amount of delivery: More than one million tons of a concentrate.
7. Port of delivery:.... USA
8. Price: Contractual

Gold Mining Corp.: "ABROL-AKA"

(647) 505-4381 fax: (416) 221-3451,

Dear Fellow countryman!

Immigration it certainly not simple way and not all are happy who immigrated. I am happy that I in Canada. But presses my heart when I think of native places of my childhood: The Talas Small River, the village of Grodekovo near Pokrovka, the hardly noticeable mountain "Burul", a shrine of "Auliye-at", etc. The leg of a television tower in the city of Jambyl (Taraz) leans on the ancient cemetery "Tunkurush". There and on other cemetery "Tekturmas" my ancestors are buried. Siluyeta the foothills and the blinking light of the television antenna blogoslavlyat and supports me in my attempts to look for happiness on the world.

Therefore it is necessary to think strong before, to decide on obrecheniye of to an immigrirovaniye.

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Offers on mutually beneficial cooperation

The organization of search and prospecting works on the zolotorossypnykh fields of Yukon in Canada. Choice of sites and skilled working off. Calculation of stocks with definition of basic data for design. Drawing up the feasibility report and project on development of a field. Registration of the demand and obtaining permission to water use.

The ore gold deposit in British Calumbia (Canada) is offered for development. The company is 100% - ым the owner. The gold-extracting factory in a complete set is acquired. Reserves of ore and gold small, contents high. The owner is ready to consider any offers on cooperation.

The technology of secondary processing of tails of the former copper production Whitehorse Yukon 1967-1982gg is required. (Canada) of 10.0 million tons. In 15 years 123 thousand tons of copper, 7 tons gold and 85 tons of silver were extracted. Average contents: % copper-1.06, zoloto-0.7 гр. on ton. silver - 13.0 Tails contain residual contents of copper - 0.3%, gold - 0.4 grams on ton, silver-5 гр. on ton and magnetite of 20% ton.

Continuation here.

Who can become a gold miner
and what for this purpose it is necessary to make?

Gold searches, its investigation and development my profession. I am engaged in it many years and therefore decided to share experience how to find and extract gold in Canada. Tell. (416) 364-4381

Any citizen of the world can become the participant of searches and gold mining on Yukon. Are for this purpose necessary: desire, money, will. The person interested to develop gold needs to pass the following three steps...

Continuation here.

Visit of Guyana

The trip was caused by that one of businessmen of Guyana (like the head of prospecting artel on production gold and diamonds) appealed to us to help it to look for partners for creation of joint venture in Guyana. Its purpose to find skilled people and money to put on a seryozny basis production gold and diamonds in its territory more than 50 square kilometers in size.

It within 15 years with variable success mines gold and diamonds. It has an excavator, the bulldozer, two lorries, a motor boat, the barge, motorcycles, primitive locks and other equipment.

Continuation here. Photo report here.



Two myths about Yukon.

Actually, the territory Yukon the earth which is almost not touched or a little touched by a civilization. There are still places where, as they say, the foot of the person didn't go. The Yukon territory is a little inhabited also winters here, with long nights, on the present are cold and severe. But the myth about not habitability and a stylost of edge is rather a stereotype than reality.

Yukon long since the developed region of the Canadian North. Indigenous people - Eskimos and Indians, from the Cordilleras mountains to the coast of the Arctic, many centuries live there, being engaged in sea trade, hunting and fishery.

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Inventions and "Know-how" offered for introduction
in a gold mining industry.

The technology is developed by Institute of problems of complex development of a subsoil of Academy of Sciences of the USSR and tested on Chadaksky mine in Uzbekistan.

Analogs of similar mountain equipment in world practice aren't present. The mountain complex provides labor productivity increases at 1.5-2.0 time and reduces prime cost by 40-50% thus comfort of work increases and safety of the miner is ensured.

Continuation here.


The offer about the organization (RAP)
prospecting-operational enterprise for gold mining.

The group of experts with departure into place defined perspective sites for carrying out prospecting works with building of stocks and passing gold mining in three stages. The project provides new technology of processing of gold-bearing raw materials.

The new technology includes: An original method of prospecting works, with combination of stages of investigation, opening of a field and production with enrichment application kombinatsionno - gravitational and hydrometallurgical methods. the protected copyright certificate of the USSR and the Know-how.

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(b5) (lf2)
(section: my hobbies) Virgin (film script)

The helicopter in which flied: the prosecutor of the region, the journalist of the newspaper from the center, the militiaman and the representative of the regional power, slowly turned choosing a place for the landing over the ancient mountain settlement Altyn-kazgan secludedly disappearing in a picturesque dolinka of the foothills of tyanshansky of ridge.

Below were seen: stream, mountain road, footpaths, settlement. The view of this mountain village differed from similar villages what there is a lot of in numerous gorges of the valley a little. The mazanny lodges which are closely pressed to each other on terraces about the ayvanam and ogorodik fenced with boulders and a snake the path lasting up between the yards and ledges of rocks, passing into a footpath at the whitewashed house on the top of the settlement.

Continuation here. Parts: 1 2 3 4 5 6

(section: my hobbies) Grandmother (memoirs)

Since I myself remember my city Jambyl called so in honor of the wise Kazakh storyteller bore a name. Jambyl pre-war - the green town consisting of several parallel and crossed streets with one-storeyed houses, court yard and gardens, which was located on the left river bank Talas. Nearby there was a railway station with a harmonous water tower and big depot where hissed and published lingering beeps engines. In city park in the evenings I played brass band. The park adjoined stadium with a football field, basketball and volleyball courts where we barefoot boys received the first lessons of track and field athletics, ball games, and also fight and boxing.

Continuation here.

(section: my hobbies) Mother (memoirs)

On this place where the modern city of Taraz was stretched, people lodged c of immemorial times. The remained ancient monuments and including rock drawings testify to it.

And the history of the city of Taraz getting in the Great silk way from China to Europe is estimated in the millennia. The romantic name Taraz symbol of a measure and scales, a symbol of equality and justice for many years as there is a wish to trust, I personified thoughts and expectation of the tribes and the people occupying boundless open spaces of Central Asia.

Continuation here. Parts: 1 2 3

(section: my hobbies) 1000 tons of gold of Rashidov Sh. R.

These autumn days I with grief think of the past. As time quickly flies! Passed twenty four years. As though it was yesterday. The clear sky was clouded suddenly by thunderclouds and as a terrible thunder, having suddenly collapsed, made me the orphan again. There was no person close to my heart to whom these days it would be executed ninety.

Without the parents I remained in the early childhood. As the pupil of orphanage, I got used to thought that is deprived of that many have. Having graduated from institute and having gained the diploma of the mining engineer I worked on underground mine, without counting on any special progress and career development, there were yet no events about which I also didn't assume.

Continuation here. Parts: 1 2 3 4

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