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We will wait for the president Putin to us on a visit! Can the road to school will make.


The future of Russia in our hands!  

Only forward!  

If not We, then who!

Putin will undertake school education soon!  

The governor will pave the way to school!

Help to repair a chemistry office!!!

GAZPROM will present the sports ground!

Gazprom participates in social development of school

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April 10, 2015. Chemistry AND WAR

Intellectual game in chemistry for eighth-graders

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We will watch the movie. ►

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On April 25, 2012 the regional competition of the school websites will take place. The competition takes place with assistance of the center  of youth projects at Department of formation of Shpakovsky district. We hope to judges our work will be pleasant. We will be glad to remarks and wishes.
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The team of KVN  of MHK - has taken a prize in a final game. The whole year they honestly fought with teams of other schools of the area. And it in spite of the fact that MHK didn't use jokes and consultations of experienced KVN players of the national team of Shpakovsky district "Friday 13". Good fellows! Thanks for work! Photos
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The second year our class looks after burial of guerrillas of civil war
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On April 11, 2012 our class has participated in a city community work day within the annual ecological action "We will keep the nature of Stavropol Territory".
Are always ready to work for the city benefit!
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Our school participated in a competition

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We congratulate all on New academic year!
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