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Voltage controllers for the motor-equipment

You will find regulators rectifiers in our online store (popular names: the regulating relay, the voltage controller, the relay of a charge, tension relay, accumulator charging) practically for any motor-equipment: motorcycles, ATVs, scooters, boat motors, hydrocycles and other equipment.

Regulators are delivered to shop from the large plants of China and Taiwan and correspond original both according to characteristics, and on quality of production. We  don't give out, the cheap 12th ampere blocks made in garage conditions in China, for 30-60 the ampere, installed on "injector" motorcycles.

All blocks have an identical operation principle and with some exceptions are interchanged, differences only in a working current. Practically for all carburetor motorcycles and scooters more than the block on 20 amperes suffices. For the majority of "injector" motorcycles or ATVs the 30th ampere block suffices. If the engine displacement of "injector" 1 liter and above, is desirable the block from 40 amperes. For such equipment as the Gold Wing motorcycle the block on 50 amperes is necessary. Also available the most powerful, from produced in lots, the block on 60 amperes. The dependence is simple — what is more installed electric equipments by and the it is more powerful, the it is more,   the generator currents both consumed, and shunted, respectively a working current of the regulator, has to be higher. Otherwise the regulator will overheat and quickly enough will fail.

 We provide to motor-services and shops discounts, depending on quantity of the ordered goods.

We have no regulators for automotive alternators with an excitation winding, and  also other spare parts!

If in the catalog there is no regulator for  the model interesting you,  call the managing director or through a feedback form.

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